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The Hermosa Water District was formed on September 11, 1986 by virtue of the local Sangguniang Bayan Resolution No. 29 series of 1986 and was issued a Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC) No. 286 on March 27, 1987 by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA), by virtue of their powers vested by PD 198, as amended. Although the Hermosa WD was formed in 1987, it only became operational in June 1995 with the completion of the KfW-granted water supply system. This water system serves Barangay Palihan only, but was later on extended to Barangay Culis.

In late 2001, the HWD suffered severe financial problem leading to the non-payment of employees’ salaries, GSIS contributions, power consumption and debt service to LWUA. The said situation was further aggravated by the worsening rift between the Hermosa WD Management, the Board of Directors, the Sangguniang Bayan of Hermosa and the Hermosa WD concessionaires. This prompted LWUA to take-over the operation and management of the Hermosa WD as per LWUA Board of Trustees Resolution No. 85 series of 2002 dated March 22, 2003. The LWUA assigned interim officers are:

    • Interim Board of Directors:
      • Engr. Enrique O. Gita – Chairman
      • Atty. Yolanda V. Zaragoza – Vice Chairman
      • Engr. Reynaldo A. Tabac – Member
      • Ms. Venice V. Teodoro – Member
      • Ms. Sally Q. Pineda – Member
    • Interim General Manager:
      • Engr. Charlito G. Rodriguez

The said take-over stabilizes the operation of Hermosa WD. All its obligations, including salaries, benefits and debt service to LWUA were all settled in a year’s time. Fearing disruption in the operation of the water supply system, the Municipal Mayor requested for the extension of the take-over period which was approved by LWUA on April 15, 2003. This extended the take-over period up to June 2009 which was further extended to December 2009 upon the request of the Municipal Mayor due to the on-going system expansion project of the HWD.

During the LWUA take-over period, Hermosa Water District has completed various system expansion projects that cover twelve (12) barangays in the Municipality of Hermosa. As of December 31, 2009, Hermosa WD has a total of 2,698 active service connections being served by 4 pumping stations with deep wells as the primary source of water.

On January 4, 2010, the management and policy making functions of Hermosa WD were turned-over to the newly appointed local Board and Management. The initial set of the Board of Directors are:


Name Sector Term of Office to End
Engr. Alberto G. Patacsil - Chairman Civic Sector Dec. 31, 2012
Dr. Ranilo J. Sioson - Vice Chairman Professional Sector Dec. 31, 2012
Ms. Paulina M. Silva - Member Education Sector Dec. 31, 2014
Ms. Jennifer J. Cruz - Member Women’s Sector Dec. 31, 2014
Mr. Raymundo G. Famor - Member Business Sector Dec. 31, 2010


At present, Hermosa Water District has 6,310 active service connections, being supplied with potable water 24/7. Water source comes from deep wells installed in the 7 pumping stations.

The appointed General Manager, Engr. Gideon S. De Leon is currently being supported by TwentySix (26) employees in providing a reliable and affordable water supply for the people of Hermosa. The Hermosa WD is committed in working towards a sustainable and efficient water service for our community.