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Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to common questions and concerns regarding water service connections, billings, metering and payment. Click on the questions below to view and hide the answers.

Water Service Connections (WSC)

ANS:The owner of the property where the service connection will be installed, or his/her authorized representative, may file the application at the HWD office/sub-office that has jurisdiction over the property.

ANS:For residential property owners, the requirements are as follows:

  • Completed application form
  • Sketch/map of location
  • Payment for Application Fee, Estimated Materials and restoration/excavation costs
  • Clearance of accounts (for existing customers)
    • Clearance from any pending illegal case pursuant to Section 8 (Anti-Pilferage) of Republic Act 8041 known as the National Water Crisis Act. For the designated representatives of the residential property owners.
NOTE: The water service connection (WSC) will be placed under the name of the owner. The WSC application fee is Php 2,500.00 (for 1/2” Water Meter exclusive of estimated materials).


ANS: Water service connections are disconnected by HWD for the following reasons:

  • Failure to pay on or before the due date as prescribed in the disconnection policy of HWD
  • Presence of illegal connection

ANS: Yes. To request the temporary disconnection of your water service, please visit the HWD office/Sub-office. You must submit a written request letter, together with the full payment of any outstanding account. Only registered HWD consumers will be entertained.

ANS: Visit HWD Admin Office or any sub office/s, a Request for Payment will be given reflecting the total amount to be paid:

  • Full amount of unpaid bills, and upon full payment of all the required fees, then re-connection follows
  • Within 180 Days from the date of disconnection 
    • A. With Magnetic Lock - P 50.00 Reconnection fee + Amount of Water Bill
    • B. Without Magnetic Lock - P 400.00 Reconnection fee + Amount of Water Bill + other cost of materials to install the magnetic lock.
  • Within 181-365 Days from the date of disconnection  
    • A. With Magnetic Lock - P 100.00 Reconnection fee + Amount of Water Bill
    • B. Without Magnetic Lock - P 500.00 Reconnection fee + Amount of Water Bill + other cost of materials to install the magnetic lock.
  • Service connections that remain inactive for more than 365 days from the disconnection date shall be automatically removed/disconnected at the tapping point (mainline). Recovered/salvaged service connection materials shall be turned over to the Concessionaire, except for the water meter and MLV. Reconnection of water service maybe availed subject to the following conditions: 
    • A. Availability of sufficient water pressure/supply in the area
    • B. Payment of Unpaid Water Bills (including penalty and other charges, if any)
    • C. Payment of P500.00 Meter Maintenance Fee + P50.00 Inspection Fee.
    • D. Payment of P200.00 Reconnection Fee, if equipped w/ MLV and P600.00 if NOT equipped w/ MLV.
    • E. Payment for the cost of labor and new service connection materials
  • All request/application of water service reconnection may incur other incidental expenses (i.e. Misc. Plumbing Materials, Excavation/Concrete Cutting Works, etc.) as reflected in the inspection report of the Maintenance Crew
  • Effective on November 2, 2015

ANS: To report such leaks, please text or call the HWD Hotline 09985654385 or (047) 491-2472/633-0362. Our customer service representative will be more than glad to handle your call.

ANS: Report the incident in HWD office or text/call the Hotline 09985654385or (047) 491-2472/633-0362 within 24 hours and report discovery of the incident.


Billing-related Concerns

ANS: Among the reasons for abrupt increases in water billings are:

  • Increase in the number of users under the same account
  • A leak after the water meter
  • Un-monitored water usage or consumption
  • Un-noticed dripping of water
  • Un-noticed damaged/defective float valve of Rest rooms water closet

Meter-related Concerns

ANS: There may be a leak in your plumbing system. To check for leaks, close all water outlets inside your property and observe your water meter. If the water meter continues to move then there may be an underground leak within your water/plumbing system. Contact a plumber who can investigate and fix the leak.

ANS: Your meter may be defective. Immediately contact HWD office/sub-office or HWD Hotline 09985654385 or (047) 491-2472/633-0362 to report your meter.



ANS: Yes. Just provide your correct Account Number and Account Name including the address to the cashie

ANS: Visit the HWD Office and proceed to Public Assistant and Complaints Desk (PACD) to request for reconnection.