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Policy on Service Connection

Posted on November 01, 2015

1. Minimum service connection components shall be as shown in Fig. 1.


2. Service connection components up to the swing valve as shown in Fig. 1 shall be installed outside the fence or property of the customer for easy inspection and maintenance.


3. Service connection with a total distance of 6 meters or more measured from the tapping point to the nearest property line of the customer shall be installed at a suitable place nearest the tapping point as determined by the Maintenance Foreman.

4. Except for the water meter and magnetic lock valve (which will be provided by HWD), the customer has the option to provide the materials needed for the service connection provided that such materials conform to the specifications of HWD. The materials shall be inspected prior to the approval of the application for service connection.

5. Applicants shall be responsible in securing all necessary permits and/or clearances that maybe required by other government agencies (i.e. Municipal/DPWH excavation permit, etc.).

6. The applicant or his authorized representative shall be required to attend the orientation/briefing on HWD’s policies, rules and regulations.

7. The application fee for new service connection is P2,500.00.

8. Effective on November 2, 2015.